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We are thrilled that you selected our course to help you pass your exam. Trust us, you made the right decision. 

Here at Minzo Pass, we take pride in educating people and changing lives. We believe  that we can help change your life by helping you pass your state’s life insurance Exam. 


Our prelicensing course is ideally suited for people who want to study and pass their exam in less than twenty one days. 


Below are some reasons we are the best life insurance exam prelicensing course provider:


  1. Our Courses Are Created Using The State’s Exam Content Outline
    1. Our course content is limited to only the content most likely to be tested on your exam. We accomplish this by structuring our courses according to each state’s life insurance exam content outline. 





      1. The current exam preparation model used by all the big named course providers relies on an outdated approach to studying for public exams. What is the approach, you may ask? Well, they give you a few hundred page book or online course material to study. Then while studying, they add a few practice questions in between and a final exam at the end to test your knowledge. For most students, they are spending approximately 80% of their study time reading and only 20% of that time testing themselves. 
      2. Here at Minzo Pass, we flipped that upside down. In our course, 80% of your study time will be spent actively testing your knowledge and 20% will be spent on studying only the materials you just can’t understand. 
      3. This approach works because it’s been proven by research that students who spend more time actively studying perform better, retain the information for a longer period of time and take less time to remember what they studied than students who passively studied. Reading is passive and testing yourself is active. 




    1. What is active recall? Active recall is actively stimulating your memory to retrieve a piece of information. An example of active recall would be when you try to remember the answer to a question on a flashcard without looking at any answer choices. This stimulates your brain to retrieve the information and you are more likely to remember that information the next time you come across it. 
    2. A significant portion of our courses requires you to actively recall information. We believe this will significantly increase your chance of passing your exam. Why? Because when you actively recall the exam content and not rely on just recognition, then you are more likely to get the exam questions right no matter how tricky they make them. 
    3. Below are helpful resources for learning more about the science behind active recall studying
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        2. https://www.science.org/doi/full/10.1126/science.1152408
      2. Brainscape.com
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      3. Wikepedia
        1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testing_effect
      4. Youtube
        1. How my friend ranked 1st at Medical School - The Active Recall Framework
          1. Creator:  Ali Abdaal
          2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDbxPVn02VU



  • Private Facebook Study Group


      1. You can join our student community, join study groups and get your questions answered. We want you to know that you are not alone in this journey. We are here for you  every step of the way. 


  • Youtube


      1. You can also watch our youtube videos to help with your study


  • Podcast


      1. For those who prefer to learn while on the go, we have you covered. You can listen to our exam prep podcast while exercising, cooking, working, driving, or going about your daily activities. 
      2. Post Exam Help



      1. Unlike our competitors, we will still be here to help you after you pass your exam.  Whether you need help applying for your license,  looking for your first insurance job, or starting your own financial services agency (yes, you are not just an insurance agent—---you are a financial professional)---we will help you along this journey in your new career. 


  • One-on-One Tutorial


    1. One-on-one tutorial is available for an extra fee. 97% of our one-on-one training students pass their exam. Please inform us if you are available and one of our experienced life insurance tutors will tutor you. 

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